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 Brainwaves, Brain Entrainment, Brain Waves, Paraliminal MP3, the ultimate of Self-Improvement.

At the Touch of a Button... Achieve all your Goals and Desires. Introducing Revolutionary Brainwaves MP3


Develop a total Genius mindset
De-Stress yourself and relax
Astound yourself with inner Creativity
Get into "Peak performance"Zone on demand
Loose weight quicker than before
Enjoy Perfect Skin and Body
Reverse your Age by releasing HGH
Get Healed of your Migraine, Depression, Asthma, Diabetes etc
Improve your Sexual Life
Attract Wealth
Be Successful in Stock Market
Enhance Business Prospects
Succeed in Sales & Marketing
Improve your IQ, Memory Power, Concentration and Study Habits
Enhance Standard of Children Education/Overcome Exam Fear
Increasing Office Productivity / Improve Harmony among Colleagues
Improving Relationship with Husband/Wife

Quality Products at Affordable price 

We bring you the essence of last 30 years of research on the Brainwaves to your advantage in the form of BRAINWAVESMP3. Every Aspect of our life creates a pattern of Brainwaves and a tone at a specific frequency uniformly. By triggering such Brainwaves at proper frequency, that particular positive aspect of our life can be stimulated. If our thoughts coupled with Visualization are embedded during such stimulation, it brings positive changes in our life more effectively, resulting in self-improvement.

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Automatic Process


Absolutely No Seminars
Absolutely No Workshop
Absolutely No Pills
Absolutely no reading of self-help books

It is an Automatic process



Brainwave Projects is a company registered in Singapore and operating it's business since 1997.

We are offering an exciting product for your benefit. BrainwaveMP3 recordings are research based products for self improvement. Just listening to these recordings consistently will bring about the effective changes in your life.

Our Brain Tuning (TM) is well known for the past 4 years in the market. We have been selling Brain Tuning  CD.

We have various titles to cater to the needs of our customers.


These BrainwavesMP3 recordings helps you to trigger the hidden brain power within you thro Brainwave Entrainment at different frequencies as per research and the recordings are also coupled with Hypnotic messages as per protocol wherever required. These Brain waves recordings are better than subliminal Messages, since these messages are audiable and reaches your sub-conscious mind. The positive messages imput in your sub-conscious mind will resonate from within and helps you to change your attitude, trigger your brain power, and others see you a new person.

When you use Brainwaves Technology, in the form of Brainwaves MP3 or Brainwaves MP3, for stimulation of brainwaves at a particular desired frequency, it helps your Health and for Self Improvement. Especially when brinwave MP3 contains relevent Hypnotic messages it tunes in with Alpha Waves, Theta Waves and Delta waves at subliminal level Self Improvement process takes place faster. Instant meditation is attained with Brainwave Meditation MP3 recordings. If you are interested in Self Development in the easiest way do not look further.... Just go for our Hypnotic MP3 with Brainwaves. If you want to enjoy the benefits of Meditation such as Serene, calmness, happiness choose our Mantra Meditation MP3.

How can your program work without headphones?

There is a common misconception that Binaural Beats, which require headphones, are the only form of entrainment, so we are often asked "How can we produce binaural beats without headphones?". The answer is that we are not producing binaural beats, we are producing brainwave entrainment, which can be induced using ANY repeating stimulus. What makes binaural beats a form of entrainment is that they produce "Beats", or pulses of sound which leave individual electrical imprints on the brain. But obviously beats can be produced in ways other than using binaural tones. A drum, for example, could be used to induce brainwave entrainment, if the drummer could keep a very precise frequency for longer than 6 minutes (many ancient and even modern day cultures use drums to induce meditative states, though they may not know the science behind what they are doing).

If the method of entrainment does not rely on speaker assignments, it can be used effectively without headphones


It is Easy, to buy

Just select the product of your choice from our Catalogue and buy on line using your credit cards. All the payments can be made through secured payment gateway PAYPAL. You will receive confirmation about your payment and the Download Link. Just download the purchased BrainwavesMP3 file into your Desk Top.

You use the Windows Player (Free Windows Media Player Download) to listen to the Brainwaves and the Music. Just close your eyes, relax and listen but do not concentrate on the wordings are the brainwave sounds. Some times the brainwaves sound will be like a cracking sound or helicopter fan blade noise. Just ignore it and don't get alarmed. You can also download the CD recordings into your iPOd, or any other MP3 players. If you wish you can convert the Mp3 recordings to normal.wav files and burn it in CD/DVD. You need a converter for MP3 to .wav file. (Here is the Free MP3 Decoder Download).


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Our Online Product Ranges

MP3 For Self Improvement with Brainwaves

  1. Memory Power
  2. Concentration
  3. Improving Study Habits
  4. Self Assertiveness
  5. Job Success
  6. Relaxation and Stress Relief
  7. Achievement
  8. Improving Creativity
  9. Attractive Abundance
  10. Financial Success
  11. Removing Addiction
  12. Maximizing IQ
  13. Stock Market Success
  14. Weight Control
  15. Improving Self Confidence
  16. Public Speaking
  17. Children Study Help

These recordings have appropriate Brainwaves and integrated Hynotic Suggestions/Affirmations.

Hypnosis proof

have you ever woke up on the morning on a sound of a silly song on the television and then you found yourself involuntary singing the same silly song the whole day? that situation did happen to many of us and the reason this happen is simply because you were hypnotized.

when you just wake up from sleep you are exactly at the same state of trace where hypnosis happens,at that state the absence of mental filters because the conscious mind is not fully awake may cause any rubbish to bypass your filters straight to your subconscious mind. based on that using alarms of bad sounds is not good, and waking someone up just to tell him about bad news is something catastrophic

The effectiveness of suggestion has been demonstrated over and over again in every field of medicine and human behavior. In fact, in practically every instance of research on drugs with humans, suggestion has been proven effective, In many cases it was more effective than the pharmaceutical being tested!

autosuggestion, suggestions, placebo, suconscious, subconscious mind, unconscious, unconscious mind, mental influence, affirmations, subliminal messages Henderson
Instant and Easy Meditation

Health Related MP3 Recordings with Brainwaves

  1. Diabetes
  2. Migraine
  3. High Blood Pressure
  4. Weight Control
  5. Breast Enlargement
  6. Immunity
  7. Extra Energy
  8. Relaxation and Stress Relief
  9. Asthma Healing
  10. Addiction Control
  11. Chronic Pain Relief
  12. Insomania
  13. Release of Emotion
  14. Anxiety Disorder
  15. Improving Immunity
  16. Extra Energy
  17. Anti Aging (Human Growth Harmone Release)
  18. Accelerated Healing
  19. Deep Anti Aging(HGH) - Delta Level

These recordings have appropriate Brainwaves(Research based) and integrated Hynotic Suggestions/Affirmations

Mantra MP3 Brainwaves

Defenition of Mantra

  1. Mantras are energy-based sounds
  2. Mantras create thought-energy waves
  3. Mantras are tools of power and tools for power

Statements About Mantra

  1. Mantras have close, approximate one-to-one direct language-based translation
  2. Definitions of mantras are oriented toward either the results of repeating the mantra or of the intentions of the original framers and testers of the mantra
  3. Mantras have been tested and/or verified by their original framers or users
  4. Sanskrit mantras are composed of letters which correspond to certain petals or spokes of chakras in the subtle body
  5. Mantras are energy which can be likened to fire
  6. Mantra energizes prana
  7. Mantras eventually quiet the mind
  8. With Mantra Healing takes place

Brainwave and Mantra MP3

  1. Pritiangira Devi Stotram (for removal Black Magic)
  2. Protection Mantra (to escape from enemies)
  3. Debt Relief
  4. Enhance Prosperity (to improve Proserity-Sri Suktham-Maha Lakshmi)
  5. Navagraha Mantram( for removal of Gragha Dosha)
  6. Sri Gayathri Mantra (for Meditation)
  7. Dhanvanthri Mantra (for Healing)
  8. Dhirishti Mantra (for removal of Jealous Energy)
  9. Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam
  10. Guru Dhakshnamoorthy Mantra (for removing Guru Dosha)
  11. Hayagreeva Mantra( for improving education )
  12. Kala Bhairava mantra (to remove obstacles )
  13. Maha Mirtunjaya Mantra (For sick, life thretening situation)
  14. Om Namashivaya Mantra (For Meditation).
  15. OM Mantra (For Meditation)

These recordings have appropriate Brainwaves and integrated Vedic Mantras recited by Vedic Scholors

Normal CD




Evaporated in Air



Brainwave Mantra CD




Carried to the Mind

Altered State (Theta)

Vedic Scholars

 Our Mantra cds are doubly beneficial. First of all it has First layer of Brainwaves. These waves will help the listeners to go into Altered State of Consciousness (Meditative State) within minutes.

Secondly these waves carry the sound waves of Mantras recorded in the second layer to listener's to deep level of meditative state. The real benefit is achieved by these mantra waves as they trigger the meridian channels in listeners' mind while the mind is at the most relaxed state


The power of Mantra is absorbed by the Brain and distributed to the Body, Mind and Soul and bring about the changes required at meditative state. The power of prayer itself is depending upon how deep you are able to penetrate into your mind. The penetration is possible only when your mind is calm, relaxed and at deep state.

The brainwaves assures such meditative level within minutes of listening to the CD without any efforts on the part of the Listeners. Afterwards Mantras start working with it's own power. It is believed that the mantras properly pronounced triggers sound waves and in turn triggers selective Meridian Channels out of 72000 channels in our body and mind system. Many people have vouched the power of Mantras by consistent chanting. The advantage of this CD is that even without your chanting, the Brainwaves and Mantras reach the deep level and endow the required benefits

Instruction for Users

While listening must sit on Carpet or Sofa in a quiet place in a relaxed way. Should not listen while driving as the CD will create meditative state of relaxation and slight drowsiness. Drink a Glass of water before beginning to listen to the Recordings as some heat will be generated and the listener will feel thirsty


All the prices quoted are in International currency US Dollars  


1. Not suitable for children below 6 years old. 2. Do not use it if you are using Heart Pase meter. 3. Do not listen to any of our recordings while driving. 4. Not suitable for those are having epileptic seizure 5. People with Hearing aids should not use these recordings.

Our Disclaimer

The products, sounds, AVS (Auditory/Visual Stimulation) programs, articles and/or any other media, presented on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The products, sounds , AVS programs, articles and/or any other media, presented on this website, are not intended to treat or cure any disease, nor should any of the subject matter on the site be taken as medical advice.Those who are epileptic should not use our Brainwave Sounds, music, or programs. However rare, there is a risk of seizure associated with individuals who are predisposed to epileptic fits. Such individuals should not use audio brainwave entrainment, except under the direction and supervision of a licensed medical physician.

Under no circumstances should you drive a car or operate dangerous machinery while listening to brainwave Sounds, music, or programs. Take caution relating to the relaxed and dreamlike states that can be induced by the media we provide

PAYMENT THROUGH PAYPAL IS A SECURED PAYMENT AND YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND NOT REVEALED TO US AND NOBODY ELSE HAVE ACCESS.   Paypal is an internationally recognized payment gateway with 100 Million business accounts                        

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