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Accelerated Healing-Guided Meditation

Accelerated Healing-Guided Meditation


This is a guided meditation for about 60 Minutes.  The soothing Brainwaves helps one towards accelerated Healing.  The guided meditation acts as hypnotic words to create high placebo effect and calming the conscious mind so that the sub-conscious mind receives the messages easily and effectively   

The process of healing can now be viewed as an action not unlike getting up to walk to the kitchen. You first visualize or imagine walking to the kitchen and then your skeleton, muscles and nerves work in unison to move you to the kitchen. You know how to walk so you visualize it and it happens… just like you knew it would.

In cases where the part of the body that needed to be healed couldn’t be visualized due to lack of knowledge of what it looked like, people have reported that they just used their imagination. And it worked… just like the people imagined it.

Of course, as symptoms of illness start to diminish and visual proof of healing is obvious, this fuels even greater belief in the process and the healing often really picks up the pace as the visualizing and the imagining continues

  Just sit down, relax close eyes while this recording is played

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Our Price: $19.90