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Attracting Wealth

Attracting Wealth This recording contains positive affirmation regarding Wealth and attracting wealth.  The recordings are in Theta Waves.  These affirmations are reaching the sub-conscious mind through the Theta Waves and embedded there.  Whatever in sub-concious mind refelect in our life through words, deeds, attitude and action in our life  So among the first-person re-patterning statements you'll hear on Financial Abundance Now! are highly targeted statements designed to eliminate the 11 core mental patterns of failure 

Throughout the program, these releasing statements will change your moment by moment thoughts. They will help you to clear all frustration about money, feelings of struggle concerning money, fear of being wealthy and all things related to it, guilt over bad financial decisions, time wasting tendencies, resistance to learning things that would help you make and keep more...

You'll be conditioned to stop wasting money on useless stuff you don't need, to forgive all those who've taken you in the past (hey-it's over).

Your mind will be soaked with new attitudes that allow you to let go of all debilitating, unconscious beliefs that an abundance of money is not good to have, that somehow having lots of it makes you bad in some way.

You'll be forced to let go of all anger and blame you may have about any financial pain and debt you may have created. All jealousy of those who have more than you do will be ripped away from you.


Just sit down, relax close eyes while this recording is played.  switch on the player and Play while you are sleeping. 



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Our Price: $19.90

Our Price: $19.90