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Pritiyangira Devi Stotram

Pritiyangira Devi Stotram

The Pritiyigira Deity is full of power and merciful to those who are asking for boon.  Mainly praying to her to remove the obstacles caused by enemies, Debts, black magic, etc are answered effectively.Protect yourself or others from anything that might harm you - black magic, seemingly unsolvable problems, disease, debts, jealousy, envy, ego, bad karma, etc., with a Powerful Goddess Pratyangira MP3


Goddess Pratyangira is a powerful Devi who has the form of half ferocious human and half lion of courage. She is a deep and powerful aspect of the Divine Mother and her energy is a balance between the masculine and the feminine Shiva/Shakti (her head is that of a male lion - her body is that of a human female). Pratyangira is also called Narasimhika (i.e., lion faced). It is said that when she shakes her lion's mane the intensity of her energy "throws the stars into disarray".

Goddess Pratyangira is the embodiment of Dharma (righteousness), Satya (truth) and impeccable justice. She is fiercely protective of her devotees; devours their negative karmas and answers prayers quickly for those with pure intention and sincerity who seek her. She absorbs negative energy and transforms that energy, purifying it. Through her grace, a faithful devotee becomes a pure, refined soul.


As a Divine Mother, Pratyangira teaches by removing fear and pain from our lives. She shows how our attachments limit us and she liberates us from them. A refusal to let go of the attachment causes our pain. If there is pain or fear there is something to be released, something to be learned, and this is possible through her grace and blessings. She waits with heart open, patiently and gracefully to reveal herself when we are ready. Mother Pratyangira is endless grace. She simply asks for devotion. In return, she reveals to us our true nature. Wherever a devotee walks the spiritual path with sincere devotion, truth and Dharma, Mother Pratyangira will reveal herself. She is the Mother of Moksha, liberation -- She frees devotees of their samskaras, the cycle of life, death and rebirth.


  • eternal energy
  • takes away time
  • bestows goodness
  • consort of Lord Bhairava
  • removes curses, black magic, evil forces and unsolvable problems
  • removes ego
  • removes fear
  • associated with Sri Chakra


In her full form, Goddess Pratyangira is gigantic with dark complexion and reddened eyes. Many of the Saints who've seen her in divine vision have described her with 1008 heads (symbolically representing the 1008-petaled Sahasrara Chakra, the crown chakra where samadhi occurs - which is the meeting place of Kundalini Shakti and Shiva) and 2016 hands, riding majestically on a chariot pulled by 4 lions (representing the 4 Vedas), and carrying multiple swords to slay negativity and remove obstacles. Her many lion jaws destroys the most stubborn karmas

Just listen to the full Recordings of about 60 Minutes consistently. Just sit down, relax, and close your eyes and listen to the recordings.   Be a vegetarian on those days is highly recommended.


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Our Price: $19.90