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Runs for about 45 Minutes.  Within minutes you will be relaxed and will take you to deep sleep also if you wish.  You can use it for afternoon nap also.  The waves will wakes you up after about 40 Minutes.  The nap you undergo is equal to about 4 hrs of sleep.  This is an ideal for those who do their night shift job, IT professionals who are highly over stressed. Even the employers should encourage their staff to opt for this to reduce their staff stress level   This recording is a breakthrough sleep-conditioning program that helps you drift off fast ... sleep the night through ... and wake up refreshed just the way nature intended—without the grogginess or long-term risks of sleeping pills.

Discover how this revolutionary thought & behavior modification program can be your ticket to easy, blissful sleep and more—greater energy, sharper thinking, stronger immunity, more youthful looks, and a brighter outlook on life. And that’s just for starters.

1) You get 100% natural sleep—no side-effects. You wake up rejuvenated just as nature intended without the mental fog you get from prescription, OTC, and herbal sleeping pills.

2) You don’t lose control over your night. Ever wonder what you’ll do if there’s an emergency after you take a sleeping pill? It’s not safe to drive, or even leave the house, in that shape! Now you’ll never have to worry about that again.

3) You correct unhealthy mental patterns that trigger insomnia. As a result, the benefits spill over into your daily life—better relationships, a happier outlook, a greater ability to handle daily stresses, and more.

4) It’s the most affordable choice of all. If you’re currently taking any pill or supplement sleep aid nightly, this inexpensive program will quickly pay for itself in money saved.


Special Discounted Price for Today only

Our Price: $19.90

Our Price: $19.90